A History Of Perfection

The Best Golf Course Sand Available

At The Hayden Group, you’ll find generations of dedicated professionals that care about delivering the finest quality possible. We’re not just a reseller or agent for another company but rather we create, fine-tune and produce some of the best and most consistent golf course sand available.

Location & Office Information

Office, Billing & Bagging Plant:
55 JT Drive, Sheridan, AR 72150
Phone 870-942-0706
FAX 870-942-0727
Shipping Office 870-942-3670

Quarry Locations

Hayden Plant:
1 Grant 111, Sheridan, AR 72150
ADS Plant:
9 Grant 111, Sheridan, AR 72150

The Hayden Group Leadership Team

A Hands-On, Family-Focused Company Since 1983

Darrell Hayden founded Hayden Gravel and Construction in 1983 in Hornersville, Missouri. Hayden Gravel and Construction began by providing gravel to several area Missouri counties and state agencies for roadwork. The business was expanded after Hayden read an ad in a 1989 issue of “Pit and Quarry” magazine and decided to purchase a quarry just south of Sheridan, Arkansas.

Golf course sand manufacturing ArkansasUpon purchasing the quarry in 1989, Mr. Hayden moved his family and business from Missouri to Sheridan. In its new location, the Hayden Gravel dropped the construction side and focused on providing sand and gravel to numerous local companies as well as several larger companies that bagged “white rock” for sale in big box stores. In 2001 Hayden Gravel expanded it’s footprint when it partnered with National Specialty Aggregates out of Mesa, Arizona to start “Arkansas Decorative Stone.”

Arkansas Decorative Stone began by providing aggregate for the construction of swimming pool liners for construction companies across the country.  However, soon after ADS began production they also found immediate success in offering quality Bunker Sands for use in golf courses. In 2007 ADS trademarked a brand of bunkers sands under the name of Premier Sand™.  The Premier Sand™ product line includes Premier White™, Premier Play™ and Pro Choice™.

In 2013 Hayden Gravel further grew by buying a separate operation from Monarch Minerals.  This purchase provided Hayden Gravel more resources and more operation power to keep up with a demand that the successful sand and gravel business was experiencing.

In June of 2016, Hayden Gravel opened a new packaging facility just west of the 167 Bypass in Sheridan and changed the business name to The Hayden Group. This operation was designed to package their materials for construction of aggregate pool liners. The packaging plant soon partnered up with customers to offer them their private label packaging of the Hayden Group materials. Additionally in 2016 Arkansas Decorative Stone and Hayden Gravel invested in several new pieces of equipment while retiring existing equipment in order to keep up production. After 28 years of business, the company further grew in the spring of 2017 with the addition of a new sand plant.

The Hayden Group has found success and prides itself in offering high-quality products tailored to meet industry needs. Two of the most highly demanded products are bunker sands used in golf courses across the country and gravel used in high-end pool liners designed to meet industry standards.  The bunker sands have been designed to meet the highest level of standards while also addressing common issues faced by course superintendents such as drainage problems, playability, and ease of maintenance.  The pool liner products are a unique, highly desired material that provides both a uniform and attractive look and texture. “We can sleep good at night knowing that we produce products that will give our customers the biggest chance to succeed in whatever their specific needs might be.” says Chief Growth Officer -Michael Collins.

The Hayden Group is a hands-on, family-focused company. Founder Darrell Hayden is President of the company.  He also spends most of his time where he first started the company back in 1983, the front line gravel pit while his son, Will Hayden, holds the title of CFO and oversees day-to-day operations. His son-in-law, Michael Collins, is V.P. of Marketing.  Daughter Carrie Collins oversees Human Resources.