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Golf Course Sand from The Hayden Group

Crushed quartz sand for golf coursesManufactured, crush quartz golf sand preferred by the nation’s most prestigious golf courses and perfect for Tour Play

The radiant upgrade to any fairway becomes evident when the material is provided by Arkansas Decorative Stone and that reason we’ve become an industry standard in both quality and service. Taking advantage of our brilliant local quartz has allowed our product line to be the conscientious choice of both player and greens supervisor alike, filling the bunkers of top facilities around the country.

Premier White Sand

Premier Sand. The New Standard In Golf Course Sand

Views of emerald fairways artfully carved by brilliant sand traps have inspired golfers for generations, and this classic look is best accomplished by Premier White™. Players and maintenance crews alike enjoy the many benefits of Premier White™, such as a great infiltration rate, a high penetrometer rating, and as well as a clean and consistent finish. This manufactured, crush quartz is favored by prestigious courses across the country and is Tour Play preferred. Whether you’re designing a facility from scratch or enhancing an existing gem, Premier White™ will add the perfect play that both golfers and maintenance supervisors desire.

  • Premier White™ is a manufactured sand
  • High Penetrometer (fried-egg lie) test
  • Great Infiltration rate
  • Clean and Consistent
  • Crushed Quartz
  • Bright White
  • Angular
  • Used in prestigious golf facilities across the country
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Premier Play Sand

Premier Sand. The New Standard In Golf Course SandNothing revitalizes a favorite old fairway like the brilliance of new sand, and the best sand for genuine rejuvenation is Premier Play™. This cutting edge hybrid blends the best aspects of both a manufactured material with natural grain while delivering the play-ability scratch golfers demand and the infiltration rates enjoyed by top maintenance supervisors. Whether you’re the one lining up your sand wedge or managing the contour of the bunkers, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a fairway reconditioned with the brilliance of Premier Play™.

  • Premier Play™ is a manufactured/blended sand. Kind of a hybrid, the best of both worlds
  • Good Penetrometer
  • Good Infiltration rate
  • Angular
  • White in color
  • Good Playability
  • A great sand for remodeling a course to make it look brand new again

ProChoice Sand

Premier Sand. The New Standard In Golf Course SandThe moment ProChoice™ is dropped into a bunker the difference is striking, even for those juggling a manageable bottom line. While maintaining the fine penetrometer and filtration rates expected from our products, this bunker sand does so with a sub-angular to rounded finish in a warm, linen color. Along with the uncompromising quality experienced by our customers. the restorative beauty of ProChoice™ is powerfully transformative, and this magic is especially true for those working within a discriminating budget.

  • Economical solution
  • Good penetrometer and filtration rates
  • Sub-angular to round finish
  • Warm linen color
  • Multi-purpose sand